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Don’t forget about conflict minerals


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Be sure to test for 3TG!

When thinking of consumer products safety compliance, lead in paint and substrates is usually top of mind. However, heavy metals exposure is not the only risk managed with elemental analysis. Another major consideration is the Conflict Minerals section of the Dodd Frank Act. First, you must identify if any 3TG (Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, or Gold) elements are present in your products. If so, you must then disclose the source origin, specifically if from the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) or an adjoining country.

Learn more about HDXRF for conflict minerals

HDXRF is an essential tool for discovering 3TG content in your products and supply chain. With no de minimis listed, even trace amounts can trigger a reporting requirement, and HDXRF low limits of detection provide a non-destructive method for 3TG detection. With a 1mm analysis area, HDXRF is ideal for those small and irregular items like metal zippers, buttons and eyelets in apparel.

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