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Efficient dosing solutions for simple everyday dosing processes sera’s new standardised dosing unit CTD


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Planners and buyers in the dosing market may recognise the following situation: You have to find a suitable and reasonably priced solution for a simple dosing task. Since you are on a tight budget with a limited time frame there is no room for either expensive engineering or extensive delivery times. An efficient and simple solution, which can furthermore easily be installed and maintained, is needed. Standardised dosing units by sera offer the perfect solution.

They feature compact construction design with e.g. an inbuilt container for provision, preparation and storage of the relevant medium. They are easy to operate and to maintain. Furthermore the user can be assured of long term flexibility when using the unit as it can easily be installed for new dosing processes at different locations.
Moreover the compact dosing units can be used for completely new applications by just exchanging a few components. Very competitive delivery times of sera dosing units make it the perfect solution for everyday processes.

sera has been continuously developing and improving the concept of flexible and all-purpose small dosing units for several decades until now. The latest generation with the name sera CTD (Compact Tank Dosing Unit) continues this development and convinces with a series of new and interesting features.

The sera compact dosing unit CTD was designed in modular steps which enables customers to find and construct their own perfect dosing unit. Each unit includes certain standardised components by factory which can be expanded by a wide range of different accessories. As usual sera’s compact dosing unit CTD is ready for operation in just a few minutes after the initial installation on site.

During configuration of the compact dosing unit CTD the customer has the choice between three different sera pump ranges and a variety of different tank sizes. The CTD could be configured as small as a 40 litre tank with a solenoid diaphragm dosing pump or fitted with a dosing tank up to 1,000 l with a controllable diaphragm pump.

The standard package of sera’s CTD consists of:

  • A PE dosing tank with litre scale and screw cap
  • Fixing bracket for secure standing of the dosing tank
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Suction lance with foot valve and strainer for optimised dosing

Further accessories such as agitators (both by hand or electrical), level indicator, level switch, multi-function valves, filling and emptying devices and an optional splash guard are available on request.

sera’s CTD can also be designed ‘gas-tight’ to fulfil any Health and Safety requirements on site. This can either be realised with a chemical lock or the connection to a ventilation system. The available agitators within sera’s CTD offer a variety of control options e.g. batch and continuous) which will ensure an optimised mixing and preparation process.
The CTD also offers various controlling options such as direct controlling of the pump, Profibus connection/ interface or special PLC- controls.

Advantages of the new sera CTD at a glance:

  • Wide range of applications possible by 7 different sizes
  • Flexibility with a wide range of extension options and accessories available
  • Highly adaptable due to its modular design
  • Numerous safety upgrades available for protecting both users and the environment
  • Extremely simple installation and start-up
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Short delivery times and high availability.

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