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ET Attendance at the Air Quality & Emissions Show


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elford International Centre, 22nd-23rd April 2015

Leading UK Air Quality Monitoring & Continuous Emissions Monitoring Specialists, Enviro Technology Services Plc (ET) will be exhibiting at the AQE Conference & Exhibition on Stands 5 & 6.

Our experts will be on hand to discuss, present and explain our cutting-edge technology for a wide range of applications including air quality, CEMS and atmospheric chemistry and scientific research.

Demonstration Equipment At The Show:

The amazing Los Gatos Research (LGR) Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser, which simultaneously measures CH4, CO2 and H2O vapour using patented 4th generation Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy technology.

  • The Teledyne API T500U Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) ambient/trace level Direct NO2 analyser, breaking away from the limitations of traditional chemiluminescence techniques.
  • The World’s first commercially available automatic, real-time metals-in-air analyser from Cooper Environmental Systems. Providing hourly measurements of metals for ambient air and stack gas applications.
  • The MCERTS Approved Opsis UV/IR DOAS cross-duct, multi-gas CEM system. Measures all major industrial air pollutants quickly, reliable and without the need for any extractive sampling or expensive maintenance and running costs.


  • Development of Innovative Solutions for Ambient NO2 Monitoring, “Chemiluminescence and Beyond” – Duncan Mounsor, ET, 10am, 22nd April, Room 6.
  • Beyond PM - Near Real-Time Multi-Metals Monitoring, from Fence Line to CEMS – David Moore (CES), 10am, 23rd April, Room 2.
  • A Novel Approach in Measuring Particulate Formation “Discovering the World Below 3 nm” – Duncan Mounsor, ET, 2.30pm, 23rd April, Room 3.

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