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Euronim 8400: New product from Lab Impex Systems


11.08.2011, Poole, United Kingdom -- Lab Impex systems recently announced the introduction of “Euronim 8400” to its radiation monitoring product range. The product has wide applications in Gamma Cooling Water monitoring, U235 and other isotope monitoring, Gamma Process monitoring and Gamma Interlock Monitoring.

Some of the other key features of this product are as follows:

  • Up to 4 x Functional Safety Envelopes {FSE} at SIL 1, within a single enclosure
  • Plug and play replacement of the ageing Harwell 2000/6000 series rate meter range
  • Up to 4 x remote detectors (Scintillation or GM), with only a single cable to remote detectors required
  • Capability for calibrated measurement quantities, engineering units, data log and SMART interfaces – all separate and outside of the declared FSE.  This provides optimal user friendliness, flexibility and true bespoke functionality matching to obsolescence threatened assets containing 6000 series equipment.


About Lab Impex Systems: Laboratory Impex Systems is a global leader in the development and supply of radiation detection equipment and integrated nucleonic systems. The company is enriched with 35 years of experience catering for the high technology needs of Defence, Nuclear, Medical and Industrial customers all over the world.

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