How to have a water storage tank refurbished


Source: Russetts Development Ltd

A water storage tank should be refurbished or repaired by a professional and not tampered with by anyone else. However, there are a few things you can do for yourself if you suspect your water storage tank may need maintenance.

Here are some handy tips on how you can make sure the process of refurbishing and repairing is an efficient, uncomplicated process:

  • Before making contact with the water storage tank specialists, you need to do some research. Contact somebody who has many years of experience and is qualified. Russetts Developments Limited, in Buckhinghamshire, are exactly the right kind of people you are looking for. With a competent workforce, you can be more confident that you will be saving time, money and effort through consulting with professionals.
  • When making contact with the water tank storage specialists, inform them what type of water tank you have and ask them if they could come to do an inspection. Remember, if they give you a quote over the phone without seeing the actual tank, this can be considered a red flag.
  • The inspectors, assessors, technicians or engineers who come to the site of the tank should be able to give you various options on how they can refurbish and repair your tank. If they insist the tank should be replaced, you should enquire why. Generally, water storage tanks are refurbished by being repainted and relined etc., so this will in all probability be the option they go for unless the tank is too badly damaged (caused by corrosion).
  • Ask for a quotation before any work is done on the actual water storage tank, so you know whether or not it is feasible for you.
  • The water storage tank should be drained, cleaned and dried before the inspection takes place, but this can be arranged with the water tank specialists.

If you are going to give the job to a water tank specialist for refurbishment or repair, make sure they agree to come back after they have completed the job to assess the condition of the tank and that it is still intact and fully functional. The onus is then on you, as the water storage tank owner, to ensure you get the inspection process done at least once every 3 years so it can be maintained properly.

Russetts Developments Limited have become a household name in the refurbishing and repairing of water tanks and have many years of experience in this industry. With a team of qualified and professional staff, we are willing to provide you with the best quality service at the most convenient and affordable rate. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to refurbish or to repair your water storage tanks.

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