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Lab Impex Systems introduces new high range Ion chamber


24.08.2011, Poole , United Kingdom -- Lab Impex Systems has now successfully type-tested a new high range ionization chamber.  Some of it’s key features are:

  • Measurement range from 100 µSv/h to 50 Sv/h
  • Maintains safety function (over-range condition) in excess of 25,000 Sv/h
  • Uniform energy response between 48 keV and 1.25 MeV
  • Detector can be mounted 10 m from the ICI (Ion Chamber Interface) and 100 m from the CMS  (Continuous  Monitoring System)
  • Compliant with relevant sections of IEC60532 Radiation protection instrumentation - Installed dose rate meters, warning assemblies and monitors - X and gamma radiation of energy between 50 keV and 7 MeV 
  • Functional Safety Envelope (FSE) at SIL 2, using standard LIS CMS Interlock SIL monitor

The IC-1 Ion Chamber and ICI-1 Ion Chamber Interface are designed for continuous use in high radiation fields. As the ICI-1 electronics can (and should) be remotely mounted up to 10 meters from the detector. The IC-1 detector is designed to operate continuously in very high radiation fields and survive very high integrated doses. This characteristic makes the system very useful at irradiation facilities or fuel storage areas where high radiation levels are either encountered routinely or can occur during accident conditions.  The ability to survive high integrated doses means that this very useful detector does not have to be replaced as frequently as other detector technologies.

When used with the CMS-Gamma-SIL, the high range detector provides a very reliable system designed to ensure that personnel cannot access areas with very hazardous radiation levels.


About Lab Impex Systems: Laboratory Impex Systems is a global leader in the development and supply of radiation detection equipment and integrated nucleonic systems. The company is enriched with 35 years of experience catering for the high technology needs of Defence, Nuclear, Medical and Industrial customers all over the world.


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