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Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer Honored with Red Dot Design Award 2016


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METTLER TOLEDO is honored to announce that the UV5Nano was chosen for the Red Dot Award thanks to its innovative technology and intuitive usability.

METTLER TOLEDO's micro-volume spectrophotometer UV5Nano was awarded the prestigious Red Dot for Product Design. Its outstanding functional design competed against 5,200 products from 57 countries. The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized quality label for products that excel in their design. A jury of leading experts from all over the world appraise the best products of the year for their degrees of innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

The UV5Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer stood out with its innovative technology and intuitive usability coupled with modern design. FastTrack technology combines a long-lasting light source with state-of-the-art array technology and enables fast, accurate and precise measurements. The UV5Nano spectrophotometer can be used for sample volumes as small as 1 μL, saving time for dilutions and sparing precious samples. Large volumes of up to 3 mL are measured in the cuvette slot. Micro-volume measurements are based on the innovative LockPath technology, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. Two independent measurements at two precisely defined path lengths are taken so that a wide concentration range can be covered.

The easy to operate One Click user interface is a well-recognized feature. Its menu structure on the color touchscreen is self-explanatory and clearly structured, avoiding the need for extensive training. Users are expertly guided through each step of their work. Intuitive smartphone-type functions, such as zooming into a particular spectrum region, give the user interface a familiar feel and spectra can even be evaluated directly on the touchscreen.

The UV5Nano spectrophotometer was lauded by the jury for its functional and clear cubist design language. It has a compact size and the sample area is easily accessible from both sides for a safe workflow. A removable top cover on the spectrophotometer makes it easy to clean. The separate terminal can be conveniently located anywhere around the instrument.

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