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MINIFLASH – the new age in flashpoint testing


Source: Grabner Instruments Messtechnik GmbH

Using a unique patented flashpoint method, the MINIFLASH flashpoint tester from GRABNER INSTRUMENTS offers best repeatability and unmatched versatility for flashpoint testing. By using only 1-2 ml sample volume and by testing the flashpoint in a completely sealed metal cup, the MINIFLASH guarantees highest safety and eliminates the risk of open fires commonly experienced when testing flashpoint. Best-in-class handling and fast measurements for highest productivity

Operating a classical Pensky Martens flashpoint tester can be tedious and frustrating: Complicated preparation and method selection require the work of a skilled technician to generate repeatable, unbiased results.

Contrary to the old Pensky Martens method the MINIFLASH offers best in class handling: Simply select the method, put in 1 ml sample and press run. Clean the small sample cup with a tissue afterwards and start the next measurement. Thus an average 10 samples per hour can be tested with the MINIFLASH, results exceeding precision of the common EN ISO 2719 and D93 flashpoint standards. The MINIFLASH 8-position sampler model allows 45 minutes unattended flashpoint testing, ensures highest productivity and thus pays off instrument costs in a few months.

When asked for their opinion on the MINIFLASH, ease of use, portability and best performance even under the most adverse conditions are voiced by our customers: “All units have been very good for us. Very user friendly, efficient and strong enough to last in an offshore environment. I remember the old days for testing flash points and these units are light years ahead in design and ease of use,” says Wayne Russell, MI-Swaco, offshore oil platform.

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