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Our diaphragm blowers are ideally suited for applications, where minimum energy consumption, delivery of absolutely oil-free air, near silent operation and a minimum of simple maintenance are requested.

The operating principle is very simple and efficient: Activated electromagnets put the magnet holder at the same frequency as that of the power supply (50Hz or 60Hz) into oscillation movements. The magnet holder sets a pair of diaphragm going on, which then change the volume of the valve box. By discharging via the valves, both vacuum and pressure can be realized.

Traditional applications are the aeration of Waste Water Treatment Plants and Fish ponds.

Especially for these clients we have developed some new features which enable our customers for an easy use and control of their systems.

Our EL-pump models can be modified and delivered with a signal lamp or a signal wire. Especially the wire can be used for any kind of control signals. The pump or system needs a service? No problem to get this message via SMS on your cell phone or to send a signal to your control panel.

We have also improved the already very good performance of our pumps. Due to some modifications inside the pump we are now able to produce a higher airflow without changing the highly appreciated features like low power consumption, low noise level or reliable and long lifetime.

New for our EL-Twin customers is the possibility of a serial air exit on both sides – front or long pane of the pump. Now you can choose the best position of the pump in your control box!

And we thought also about the best solution to support our customers in their service needs. From now onwards we deliver all diaphragm repair kits vacuum packed! This guarantees the best conditions of our spare parts, also after a longer period in your warehouse.

Domestic Sewage Plants
Waste Water Treatment Systems
Septic Tanks
Medical Applications
Compression therapy
Airbeds and Decubitus mattresses
KOI and garden ponds
Underwater massages and Whirlpools
Filter Systems
Aqua Air Lights and design Pillars
Tank pressuration

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