NEW! PlasmaFLOW Concentric Nebulizers for ICP Spectrometers by SCP SCIENCE



Montreal -- SCP SCIENCE, a manufacturer of analytical instruments, supplies and standards to the atomic spectroscopy market introduces its newest product line: PlasmaFLOW Concentric Nebulizers for ICP / ICP-MS sample introduction. Along with Concentric Nebulizers, the PlasmaFLOW line of products consists of PVC flared and non-flared peristaltic pump tubing; Mini X-Flow nebulizer; spray chambers; torches; and ICP-MS sampler/skimmer cones.

Concentric glass and quartz nebulizers have been the cornerstone for sample introduction in ICP spectroscopy for over three decades. SCP SCIENCE expands their PlasmaFLOW line by introducing a range of glass and quartz concentric nebulizers for trace metal analysis.

SCP SCIENCE manufactures Type “A” (General Purpose), Type “C” (High Solids) and Type “K” (Argon Low-Flow) nebulizers. Each and every nebulizer is tested by the Quality Control Department and its unique sample uptake (ml/min) as well as its argon pressure (psi) is provided, in order to have a consistent sample introduction nebulizer.


FREE pack of PlasmaFLOW PVC pump tubing or FREE ICP Standard* (single element, 1,000 ppm, 2 x 25 ml) with the purchase of a PlasmaFLOW product; including nebulizers, spray chambers, torches and ICP-MS cones (sampler and skimmer). *The following elements are excluded from all special offers: Be, Sc, Ru, Rh, Pd, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, Tm, Lu.

More about SCP SCIENCE:

Founded in 1980, SCP SCIENCE is a privately owned manufacturer of analytical instruments, supplies, standards, reagents, and certified reference materials for inorganic chemical laboratories.

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