PEWE Internally Fed Screen and Auger Removes Filterable Solids

Food processor improves wastewater treatment with new PEWE system.

Vancouver, WA (PEWE) Janaury 23, 2015 --

BrucePac meat designer is a national supplier revered for some of the most innovative protein products.  BrucePac clients are food manufacturers, food service distributors, and retailers. They offer a range of choices, cooking options with exciting flavors and broad packaging possibilities.

With lots of product combinations the Woodburn Oregon facility has increasingly run into issues with its wastewater discharge. The old screen system was built for lower volumes of water and solids and had many short-comings which needed to be addressed to achieve better treatment. Every installation has an issue and here the challenge was removing screened solids up a 50 degree concrete slope from over 20 feet down in a pit. A simple basket had been used to manually haul out the screenings.

PEWE had a better idea and determined with correct screen sizing both for flow and solids capture a long-term solution was possible. A SuperSkreen SSI-72.3 was selected. It featured a 72 inch drum length with a 36 inch diameter wedgewire.

The PEWE SuperSkreen SSI-72.3 all stainless steel internally fed screen and 30 foot DeWater Auger/Conveyor AC-6 equipment were delivered and then were followed by install technical support crew available to the maintenance group. With a little adjustment mating the new screen discharge and the auger hopper all was in place and ready to go. 

Upon start-up the new internally fed screen and auger/conveyor system worked smoothly. The solids dewatered in  the screen, dropped into the auger hopper and were carried up, out and deposited in the waiting receptacle. The influent water flow varied yet was easily matched by the wedgewire screen with great efficiency. The automated spray bar cleaned off any sticky solids very well. The new stainless steel PEWE SuperSkreen and DeWater Auger/Conveyor were easy to operate by the staff.

BrucePac works closely with the POTW and rely on their guidance with ongoing support.  With initiative and addressing the issues head-on they are helping the bottom-line and also the community environment.  BrucePac is tickled with the new system.


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