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PEWE Ships World`s Highest Capacity Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System

PEWE T-MAX TM-2000 DAF Treats in Excess of 4000 gallons of water per minute

Vanvouver, WA USA -- PEWE shipped the world's highest capacity dissolved air flotation (DAF) system to a client in California from its manufacturing plant in Vancouver WA USA.  The T-MAX TM-2000 package DAF system has the capacity of treating in excess of 4000 gallons of wastewater per minute or approximately 6 million gallons per day.  The treated water will be discharged to downstream entities from the facility.  With water being a scarce commodity in California the ability to to treat and improve its quality is important for all concerned.  PEWE takes that responsibility to new heights with the T-MAX TM-2000 DAF.

The single unit required two cranes for loading and maxed out the lowboy trailer utilized for the special oversize load haul.  The shipment dimensions wre 15'7'h x 15'4'w x 50'6'l for the DAF unit.  Mezzanines and pump skids rounded out the shipment on additional trailers.  The total convoy included 3 semi-trucks with trailers and several pilot cars making for quite a parade.

The unique technology built into each PEWE T–MAX DAF system maximizes TSS removal while minimizing chemistry usage and sludge production.   The open style DAF chassis and vessel are constructed of AISI 304SS. With ParaLam Weir system, optional pipe flocculator and ROGUE MAX RGT aeration, the T–MAX DAF operates with complete precision of the PEWE Command Control automated panel.  PEWE products and systems are designed in-house and  produced under tight quality control.

PEWE is an innovative leading company in the field of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems. PEWE offers products worldwide to the Food, Petrochem, Pharma, Metals, Electronics, other industries and Municipal market.

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