Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC.

PEWE Technical Services

Professional System Support

Process Engineered Water Equipment is proud to unveil its new technical services division. The PEWE Technical Team offers our clients an ala cart package of select post purchase services. Each service may be tailored to your specific application and needs. Choose one or all to ensure your system is up and operating at maximum efficiency from the start and onward.

The PEWE Technical Services team offers four key features:

Command Control: PEWE Command Control® automated systems ensure safe and efficient process and wastewater operations. We build custom controls and associated motor control centers delivering consistent performance and measurable results. Operators will find the standard color touch-screen and multi-lingual interface easy to navigate while providing a comprehensive system overview. Data will be readily available and timely. PEWE also provide on-going System Update Services as well as Remote Monitoring and Reporting Services. From our location in Washington we remotely access, monitor, control, update and report on client systems alerts and efficiency.

Installation Start-Up Support (ISS): At PEWE, we provide what we like to call the “Three T’s” of ISS - Turn on, Tune and Train.  The PEWE Tech Services team first initializes the client system with dry testing, wet testing and then cut in flow.  Next, we Tune the system and establish base default settings.  Tech Services will have the system promptly up and running for the client application. The process is finished with Train, PEWE Tech Services is happy to teach new operators how to efficiently run the system.

Design/Build: PEWE clients may select from a list of install support options.  These include Pre-engineering, Project Management, Process Installation and design/build with full WWTP Construction.  If a client would like PEWE can provide support for part or all of a wastewater facility needs.  contractors, engineering, building installation, process installation, and system startup.

System Services: PEWE Tech Services provides on-going customer support with replacement parts as well as spare parts for critical needs. If something were to happen, they can provide either PEWE in-shop repair; or if time sensitive, in field maintenance service as well.

Contact your PEWE Client Systems Engineer today for your specific application needs.