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Rainwater Harvesting Maintenance and Reporting – Why Choose RainCatcher?


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RainCatcher’s Maintenance & Reporting service has seen record growth over the last 12 months and is scheduled to continue on its upward trajectory!

We work with a wide spectrum of organisations across the whole of the UK to ensure their Rainwater Harvesting systems perform optimally, which includes efficiently to minimise clients running costs; no matter which system you have, RainCatcher can evaluate, report, repair and maintain your system, no matter what size.

We design, supply, and maintain…

Our rainwater systems mean you can start collecting free water and enjoying reduced bills right now!

Keeping up maintenance of them is crucial though, so put your trust in a company with both the know-how and the passion in this field, from design through to servicing.

We’re tried and tested…

RainCatcher’s maintenance solutions are carried out by highly qualified partners and in-house specialists.

Schools, councils and many other UK organisations have benefited from an ongoing contract to ensure their harvesters are always running at optimal performance.

Have you been introduced to the “RainCatcher 200”?

Our 200 litre unique, slim-line, wall-mounted water butt is being specified across the country as a rainwater attenuation control measure. It’s already set to be RainCatcher’s best seller for the coming year with new agents and distributors adding the innovative system to their portfolios.

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