ESCO International (EI)

ESCO International (EI)

Sustainable Advanced Treatment Solutions for Water, Wastewater and Gas Effluents


Source: ESCO International (EI)

ESCO International technologies offer unique solutions to some of the most critical water and waste water and gas effluent challenges using latest advances in Advanced Oxidation Processes, Ozone and UV systems and technologies. 

Process Expertise & Applications include:

  • COD, TOC reduction and micro pollutants oxidation
  • Water reclaim, reuse, recycle or discharge
  • Tertiary Produced Water Treatment (COD, TOC, Oil reduction)
  • TOC reduction and disinfection in High purity and Ultrapure water systems
  • Spent caustic treatment (H2S, COD, TOC)
  • Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Refineries (TOC, COD, H2S reduction)
  • Mining industry wastewaters (iron, cyanides, COD…)
  • Biologically treated wastewaters
  • Pharmaceutical industry (COD, TOC, Antibiotics, EDCs, removal)
  • Condensate water treatment
  • VOCs, BTEX, H2S, Mercaptans, Phenols destruction
  • Ballast Water Treatment
  • Swimming Pool disinfection & chloramines removal
  • Water and wastewater disinfection,
  • Gas effluent, odour and air pollution treatment 

Our Scope of Supply:

  • Comprehensive range of UV systems
  • Ozone generators, PSA Oxygen generators and ancillary equipment
  • Design & supply of Advanced Oxidation Processes (O3/UV, H2O2/UV, O3/H2O2, O3/H2O2/UV, CATADOX)
  • Design & supply of Ozone and UV plants
  • Design & Supply of pilot plants (Ozone, UV or AOP)
  • Pilot and laboratory services & technical consultancy

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