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Ultraportable CH4/CO2/H2O for natural gas leak detection


Source: ETG Risorse e Tecnologia S.r.l.

LGR offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and economical system for natural gas leak detection, quantification and mapping (to Google Earth). Competitive systems consist of costly and delicate equipment and require long-term leases, and expensive software licenses and maintenance contracts. In contrast, LGR’s Natural Gas Leak Detection Systems (NGLD), composed of LGR’s renowned Ultraportable CH4/CO2/H2O and CH4/H2O analyzers, industry standard anemometers (wind velocity) and GPS detectors (geographical coordinates), along with simple-to-use (open source) mapping software, provides measurements with unsurpassed accuracy and rapid time response. The LGR NGLD includes, at no extra cost, open-source, license-free software that enables users to simply and directly upload the measured concentrations in real time to the Cloud (to your own server) and to map the results directly to Google Earth. As a result, customers have full control of their data at all times and can visualize the results in real time anywhere for immediate safety and compliance monitoring.

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