Waters New Preparative SFC Columns Designed to Aid Purification Scale-Up Methods


Source: Waters Corporation

New Torus Columns Meet the Requirements for Analytical to Preparative-Scale Achiral SFC Separations

MILFORD, Mass. -- Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) expanded its Torus™ SFC column line with the addition of four new preparative supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) columns. The new achiral SFC columns are designed for purification laboratories scaling up their separations of investigatory drug compounds, natural products, or synthetic chemicals.

Dart Neuroscience LLC, a San Diego-based specialty pharmaceutical and research firm recently evaluated the Torus columns for the purification of small molecule drug compounds. “The newly-introduced Torus 2-PIC stationary phase eliminates retention loss and provides excellent selectivity and peak shape for basic, neutral and acidic drug-like molecules under conditions with methanol and 0.2% ammonium hydroxide,” saidGerard Rosse, Associate Director, Structure Guided Chemistry, Dart Neuroscience. “The 2-PIC column is a promising candidate in the search for a universal stationary phase for SFC.”

“Building upon our success with Torus SFC analytical columns introduced a little over two years ago, we’ve evolved the Torus SFC Column family to bring customers additional separations and isolation capability,” saidJeff Mazzeo, Vice President,Consumables Group for Waters Corporation. “Laboratories that have standardized on our Torus 1.7-micron analytical columns can now directly and easily scale their separations and begin purifying material on a much larger scale. It also gives anyone doing normal phase liquid chromatography a compelling reason to explore the many benefits of SFC including ruggedness and column longevity and greater separation speed while cutting solvent disposal costs and operating a greener laboratory.”

Torus Columns for Analytical to Preparative-Scale Achiral Separations

Torus Columns for preparative SFC give scientists the resolving power they need to speed method development and scale up their separations from analytical to preparative-scale achiral separations. Based on a new and proprietary bonding chemistry, the columns come in four different phases to cover a range of selectivity while being stable and reproducible ensuring day-to-day and batch-to-batch consistency. Torus 1.7 and 5 micron columns are available in four chemistries: 2-picolylamine (PIC), diethylamine (DEA), high density diol (DIOL) and 1-aminoanthracene (1-AA) and in a variety of internal dimensions and lengths, and are sold with the Waters SFC 100 System and other commercial preparative SFC instruments.

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