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WRAS-approved water shut-off solenoid valves for leak detection applications


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Aquilar Ltd is pleased to announce the extension of its range of WRAS-approved AquiTron valves (also known as electrically-operated water shut-off valves) for use with its water leak detection systems.

The AquiTron range already contained actuated butterfly valves for use on pipe sizes that were too large for the traditional solenoid but now also includes actuated ball valves for occasions when a solenoid may not be suitable i.e. low pressure applications (e.g. tank outlets) or when a physical open or closed position indication is required.

These WRAS-approved valves can be used to isolate the drinking water (potable water) as well as hot water within a building to minimise water damage associated with water leaks.

These valves come in three types to suit every application: ‘Power Open/Closed’, ‘Normally Closed’ for fail safe operation (shut-off when power is lost) using one of the AquiTron or TraceTek water leak detection panels or ‘latching’ for use with the AquiTron major water leak detection system for BREEAM compliance WAT03 applications.

The latching valves can also be used with the AquiTron PIR Automatic WC Water Shut-Off System also used for BREEAM WAT03 applications.

The PIR Automatic Water Shut-off is used on the hot, cold and grey water supplies within the WC areas for when the areas are not in use the water supply and is isolated using a WRAS-approved solenoid valves coupled with a PIR controller unit to minimise the risk of flooding due to accidental damage or intentional vandalism.

These brass solenoid valves are available in various sizes from 15 to 42mm (½” to 1½”) and have been designed to handle temperatures up to 140°C and a pressure range of 15-20 bar.

In addition to these valves Aquilar also have DN50 to DN150 (2” to 6”) in the range along with WRAS-approved butterfly valves and a range of WRAS-approved ball valves ranging from 15mm to 54mm (½” to 2”). Larger sizes are available upon request

What is WRAS?

WRAS, which stands for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, is a certification mark that demonstrates that an item or product complies with the high standards set out by the UK water regulations. You can find out more about what WRAS approval means by visiting the WRAS website.

WRAS-approved water shut-off solenoid valves for leak detection applications

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