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859 Titrotherm complete with tiamo



Computer-controlled titrator for thermometric titration. Including complete accessories for the titration (10 mL buret, titration stand with rod stirrer, Thermoprobe, titration vessel and tiamo™ light).

Advantages of thermometric titration at a glance:

  • Proven procedure
  • Easy learning and convenient performance of thermometric titration through integration of the method in the tiamo™ titration software
  • Problem-solver for difficult samples that cannot be titrated potentiometrically
  • Rapid results
  • No calibration of the sensor is necessary
  • Maintenance-free sensor
  • Robust method for routine operation
  • Suitable for aggressive media
  • One sensor for all applications
  • No membrane or diaphragm problems

Thermometric titration is a determination method with versatile applications and an ideal complement to potentiometric titration. In principle, it is suitable for every reaction that causes a sufficiently large temperature change in the sample solution. It is therefore particularly suitable for applications

  • for which no suitable potentiometric sensor is available
  • for which no suitable reference electrode is on hand
  • for which the sample disrupts the electrode or even makes it unusable
  • for which no solvent suitable for potentiometry is available

The Titrotherm 859 combines innovative sensor technology with Metrohm's titration know-how.

The Titrotherm 859 – state-of-the-art USB technology

The simple handling of the 859 Titrotherm can already be seen at the time of installation. Thanks to state-of-the-art USB technology, the instrument is detected automatically by the tiamo™ titration software at the time of connection to the computer and does not need to be configured manually. The same applies to all the dosing units, stirrers and sensors connected to the Titrotherm.

The universal, clearly organized tiamo software enables rapid adjustment of the titration parameters to the respective method and thus a rapid, goal-oriented method development, in addition to a rapid, simple generation of results. The software determines the endpoints on the basis of the first and second derivative of the titration curve; reproducibility can be enhanced even more when additional optimization parameters are used. The generation of reports is accomplished by the manual or automatic export of the titration data into a method-specific form sheet that can be designed to suit.

Thermoprobe – rapid, precise and robust

The temperature sensor (thermistor) based on semiconductor technology has impressive properties: Its response time is only 0.3 s and its resolution is 10-5 K. This makes the Thermoprobe the ideal sensor for thermometric titration, as it can follow every temperature change both rapidly and precisely. The chemical-resistant housing lends the sensor an outstanding resistance to many organic solvents and aggressive media.

The Dosino technology – precise and simple dosing

The Dosino technology from Metrohm has set a new standard in volumetric titration. The dosing unit is mounted together with the motor drive and the reagent bottle, thus guaranteeing maximum precision with minimum space requirements. The titrator and two burets require hardly more space than the A5 format.

In the event of very low sample concentrations or with low molar reaction enthalpy, the temperature change during the titration is often not sufficient for unambiguous determination of the endpoint. A clever trick can be used to help these kinds of reactions – and not only proverbially – make the jump. Thus, for example, with the determination of very small quantities of organic acids with the titrant c(KOH) = 0.1 mol/L in isopropanol. Here the addition of a small amount of paraformaldehyde facilitates the finding of the endpoint, because immediately after the endpoint is reached (i.e. as soon as excess hydroxide ions are present), the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of the paraformaldehyde starts. This strongly endothermic reaction now provides a sharp endpoint.

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