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- Wireless Gateway Device


a-Gate is an Gateway device that receives data from a-Snap dataloggers (and other sensors). a-Gate and a-Snaps create an wireless monitoring network that is logged and sent to a-Log.net (A Measurement Data Portal for a-Lab Customers). a-Gate is able to read an unlimited amount of a-Snaps. All data is saved on its own measurements category at a-Log.net. With your own User Profile, you can access the data 24/7, just using any modern mobile phone, pc, laptop or a tablet. You can set alarms that are sent to you as an e-mail or a text message to a cellphone.


a-Gate SC is an a-Gate with weatherproof hard case and inbuilt battery that provides power (when fully charged) for a-Gate as long as five days. Ideal for sites where electricity is provided irregularly. a-Gate SC is very mobile, and can be taken to the wireless sensors (a-Snap etc.) to gather data for a-Log.net.

  • Example: if the sensors are set in place that has no electricity or has very long distance between sensors. When a-Gate SC is moved into a range of 50 meters from the datalogging sensors, it automatically reads the data from the sensors and sends it to a-Log.net.

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