- Model MIR-9000-CLD - Multi-Gas Continuous Emissions Monitoring System



a1-cbiss and Environnement S.A have developed a multi-gas continuous emissions monitoring system utilising the Standard Reference Methods (SRM) for the monitoring of NO, N2O, NO2, NOx, CO, CO2 and O2. It also utilises the technology stated in the Alternative Reference Method (ARM) for SO2.

'Three Monitoring Technologies'
The MIR-9000-CLD emissions analyser is a free standing monitoring system that incorporates three monitoring technologies, these are Chemiluminescence for low level NOx measurement, Infra-Red Gas Filter Correlation for CO, CO2 etc and finally Paramagnetic for O2. This system gives high accuracy at low levels and maximum availability.

Designed to operate under legislation such as 2000/76/EC (WID) and 2001/80/EC (LCPD), The MIR9000-CLD emissions analyser offers maximum availability and complete compliance with QAL1 of EN14181.

Complete systems would normally comprise of:

  • Sample extraction and conditioning probe (with integrated temperature, pressure and flow measurement)
  • Cold sample lines
  • Automatic calibration units
  • Instrument air drying system
  • Data acquisition & management system

Dual Redundancy System - Under WID, the maximum allowable period for any one episode of abatement or equipment failure must not exceed four hours. Additionally, the total allowance period in a year must not exceed sixty hours.

The a1-cbiss duplex philosophy has therefore been specifically developed to assist you in complying with WID/LCPD by reducing downtime, maximising availability and ensuring you achieve a sound return on your investment.

  • Combustion Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Chemical Plants and Refineries
  • Process Control
  • Accredited Stack Testing Laboratories
  • Coal/Oil Fired Combustion Monitoring
  • Gas Fired Combustion Monitoring
  • CHP Combustion Monitoring

  • Measures from 1 - 10 gases simultaneously
  • Built-in data logger for 7 additional parameters (flow, pressure, temperature or any other analogue input)
  • Real time graphic display
  • Interactive menu-driven software allowing ease of operation
  • Unheated sample line utilising permapure drying technology
  • Readings measured and expressed on a dry basis
  • On-board oxygen correction for environmental reporting
  • Optional stack pressure, temperature and flow measurements available
  • MCERTS Certified

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