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- Model LS - Commercial Resistivity Meters


Taking Resistivity/IP surveying to greater depths with higher resolution Engineered to fit most applications and customizable to suit all. Data acquisition to client deliverables, the ABEM Terrameter LS offers support at every step in your survey project. Through innovations in the core technology, ABEM has developed a Resistivity/IP solution that addresses the challenges of data acquisition in the field and empowers the user with highly efficient interpretation tools – guaranteeing increased productivity and quality. The out-of-the-box configuration provides a solution for most projects and can be easily customized to meet specific project requirements.

The new ABEM Terrameter LS introduces a unique software licensing system, making it scalable and easy to upgrade. Every instrument comes preinstalled with all hardware modules and software features, but depending on product package not all need be activated. Product packages range from basic to advanced. Upgrades are made by entering a license code in the Terrameter LS companion software. Future development will include time-limited licenses, making it possible to rent upgrades.

The ABEM Terrameter LS is a standalone solution featuring built-in measurement channels, high power current transmitter, electrode selector, computer and graphical user interface. Surveying techniques range from 1D to 4D measurements. The robust and rugged aluminum casing meets IEC IP66 classification and allows for use in the harshest conditions.

The measurement channels have a new filter design for improved Induced Polarization performance. Using a new measurement mode for IP (100% duty cycle), data collection will be twice as fast and have twice the signal to noise ratio compared with conventional IP methods (50% duty cycle), if using the same settings.

  • Outstanding data quality from unique design of measurement channels
  • Graphical user interface gives an easy to use experience
  • Optimized for productivity, minimizing field time
  • Quality control before, during and after measurements
  • Rugged and robust, do measurements anywhere, anytime
  • Remote connectivity allows assistance onsite
  • Georeferenced data using GPS

  • Geological mapping
  • Geotechnical pre-investigation
  • Groundwater prospecting
  • Mineral exploration
  • Mapping and monitoring of contaminations
  • Geothermal prospecting
  • Sub-bottom mapping of marine environments
  • Monitoring of permafrost
  • Archeology

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