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Abesco Marine Cable Transits can be installed through any 'A' or 'B' rated bulkhead or deck where cables are to be installed and pass through these fire rated compartment partitions. They act as a method of maintaining the fire resistance and integrity of the separating element to the desired 'A' or 'B' rating.

  • It can allow seperation of cable types within a small aread, (power / date / telecom)
  • It is manufactured in 2 size ranges - 65mm (2 1/2') and 100mm (4').
  • Units are only 150mm (6') in length and therefore provide a better cable access entry and exit on radius from and to cable trays.
  • On A60 Bulkheads and Decks, the end of the Abesco Marine Cable Transit does not protrude beyond the surface of the insulation.
  • Tested and has achieved improved performance over and above the IMO Res. A 754(18) standard. An increased volume capacity of up to 57% in limited applications

In the event of a fire, the Abesco Intumescent material is exposed to hot gasses and heat, which in turn expands to close off any peripheral gaps around any cables which pass through the device.

As the cables protective sheathing erodes and burns away, the 2nd stage of the intumescent then expands further to fill this gap left by the cable sheathing.

The integral foam plugs further act as a cold smoke seal, which in itself is Class 'O' rated which means it does not support flame and is self extinguishing.

The Abesco Marine Cable Transit then holds and maintains the integrity and insulation of that given penetration seal for the duration of either A0, A15, A30 or A60 as required in either a Bulkhead or Deck orientation.

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