Absorbent Mat with Non-Penetrable Backing



Ourabsorbent mathas a non-penetrable backing that will protect your facility from unsightly stains. The super absorbent top side of the absorbent floor mat will absorb liquids and oils making your facility safer.

Helps to prevent slip and falls. The top side of the Abzorb Mat is made of super absorbent polypropylene. It is a universal absorbent and will absorb all liquids including oil, coolants, solvents and water. This absorbent mat is charcoal gray in color to mask leaks. Thisoil drip floor matis approximately 1/8th inch thick and is non flammable in its original state.

The Abzorb Mat has a vinyl backing which is bonded to the top absorbent material. The 'stain stopper' backing is non-penetrable and skid resistant on most surfaces. The mat will lay flat and resists curling and buckling. The backing is so tough we guarantee it for three years against tearing, cracking or leaking. This impervious barrier prevents liquids from reaching your floors. Available in 3' and 6' widths. Custom lengths up to 150'.

Industrial usesfor the absorbent mat include on walkways, around machinery, for machinery operators to stand on to prevent slipping, as a runner to protect office carpet, under vehicles as a oil drip mat, for service vehicles to use when parking on customer driveways, under fleet vehicles to capture snow melt or water when parked inside, on work benches/work stations, as shelf liners, under forklifts to capture oil, hydraulic fluid and battery acid leaks and under stored equipment that could leak fluids.

Homeowner usesinclude as agarage floor matfor oil drips to prevent permanent concrete stains, as a snow melt mat to capture melting snow from running all over the garage preventing damage to walls and cabinets as well as slip and falls. Used under lawn and snow equipment, as a shelf liner, under the sink where cleaning chemicals are stored, used in snow rooms to capture melting snow from boots and as a pet mat for for under food and water bowls.

  • Keep your facility or home safe from slip and falls
  • Save Money - Reduce maintenance costs
  • Prevent permanent damage from oil, rust and chemical stains
  • Absorbs all fluids
  • Around the clock protection
  • Easy to install - just lay out
  • Backing is non-skid on most surfaces
  • Good for the environment - captures  fluids
  • Made to last - can last for many years
  • Drive vehicles, forklifts and carts over it without doing damage
  • Water based liquids will evaporate from mat over time
  • Rolls can easily be cut with sharp scissors or razor knife
  • Custom lengths available up to 150'
  • Available in 3' and 6' widths
  • For extra width use a 3' section with a 6' section for a 9 feet width.
  • Use inside or outside - water will evaporate and not damage mat
  • Use the Abzorb Oil Mat™ under fleet vehicles as an inexpensive, easy to use Best Management Practice (BMP)
  • Use as a vital part of any Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. Soaks up vehicle leaks.

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