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- Nitrogen / Methanol Control Systems


The AccuMixor precisely controls and monitors the flows of nitrogen and methanol for the generation of synthetic Endothermic gas within a furnace.

  • Ethernet communications with Modbus TCP
  • Paperless Chart Recording
  • Automatic Aosphere recovery
  • Automatic Flow Setpoint Calculation
  • Four (4) run modes
  • Capable of interfacing with additive gas control systems, auxiliary alarms and data loggers or computer systems

The AccuMixor provides easy operation and automatic adjusent of the process nitrogen and methanol flows. A purge warning is activated if there is any deviation from the process set point. Automatic purge occurs under several conditions: furnace temperature goes below 800°F, nitrogen pressure drops below 20 PSIG, loss of process nitrogen or methanol, and if purge warning is not corrected within customer specified time. The AccuMixor also provides four operating modes:

Nitrogen/Methanol Auto
Used for normal start up and operating conditions. If the furnace doors are opened while in this mode, both the process nitrogen and methanol flows go to high set point.

Nitrogen/Methanol High
Used to increase the rate at which the furnace is brought up to proper aosphere. Both process gases operates at high set point.

Nitrogen High
High nitrogen flow only

Nitrogen Auto
Used to provide a protective aosphere during a holding cycle. Process nitrogen operates at low set point and the methanol flow goes to zero. If the furnace doors are opened while in this mode, the process nitrogen goes to high set point and the methanol flow remains at zero.

Debubbler unit - removes nitrogen bubbles in liquid methanol. For use with nitrogen pressurized methanol supplies.
Methanol Sparger - injects fine particles of methanol into the furnace
UPS (uninterruptable power supply) - provides 4 hours of backup power in the event of a power failure to allow safe shut down of furnace

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