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- Raised Roll Disc Thickness Screen



To meet the performance challenge of rejecting overthick chips without also rejecting acceptable chips, Acrowood developed the Raised Roll Disc Thickness Screen. This configuration provides effective chip mat agitation, achieving both high overthick removal and low accepts carry-over.

  • Excellent chip agitation provides quick passage of fines and small chips
  • Effective overthick removal efficiency with high throughput in a relatively small footprint
  • Heavy-duty design uses wide-flange beam sub-base
  • Bearings protected from contaminants with placement of pillow-block bearings mounted outboard of screen hopper walls
  • Discs are welded to shafts via highly accurate computer-controlled welding method for excellent screen accuracy and high strength shaft construction
  • Minimal maintenance a result of robust, sintered bushing chain drive with hardened sprockets. No sealed oil bath or periodic lubrication required!

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