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SagiCofim spa

- Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters



We recommend protecting the carbon filter with a pre-filtration stage with a minimum of G4 efficiency pursuant to EN 779/2012.

CAB cartridge filters remove odours normally present in domestic environments and industrial processing fumes found in the air.


  • Support plate in galvanised steel sheet;
  • Cartridge in galvanised steel sheet with micro-expanded mesh;
  • Openable covers for possible substitution of the contaminated carbons;
  • Neoprene front seal.

The air containing odours and gases passes through the activated carbons between the cylinders and exits purified and odourless. Before passing over the activated carbons, the air must be properly filtered to remove any dust and particles so as not to clog the carbons.
Due to their medium levels of activated carbons, CAB filters are ideal for environments containing medium concentrations of odours.
They have low pressure drops, which minimises the fans’ energy consumption. Once saturated, the activated carbons can be regenerated using steam.

  • Carbons can be replaced;
  • Openable cartridge covers for possible substitution of the contaminated carbons;
  • Cartridges can be replaced.

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