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MGT Air Filters

- Activated Carbon Filters



CARBOCAT serves to absorb gaseous pollution and odours. It may be installed for supply and exhaust air in domestic and technical applications. Due to a simple modular construction system, one can easily build large filtration units by screwing base frames together. If needed, gaseous contamination can be absorbed through diverse filtering layers with different kinds of impegnated carbon. F7, F8 or F9 preliminary filtration is necessary to protect the activated carbon.

  • Re-Fillable cartridges with new media   
  • Washeable for repeated use
  • Very high mechanical efficiency   
  • Low resistance
  • Carbocat with base plate and cylinders made of galvanised or stainless steel   
  • Cylinder filled with activated carbon granule supply high performance of odour control
  • Exchangeable cartridges can be regenerated    Simple replacement thanks to bayonet coupling
  • Robust construction allows easy mounting and removal   
  • Lower pressure drop according to its high performance
  • Available in gas adsorption and chemisorption varieties    

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