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Pure Life Filters

- Model CTO - Activoted Carbon Filter Catridge



Adivoled carbon is a kind of porpusmaterial, which has the function of adsorbin gorganic compounds. Therefore,It is widely used in chemical technicsas a loo1 of decoloration, deodonzation and deoil. in order to absorb those unwant- edcontamlnation particle in filterliquor, Adsorbabilitu depends on thefilter melhod, waler How rale, conlacl time and contact area with active carbon,etc. so It will litt the tiller efficiency ond Improve the filter quality if correct teclinics is chosen for filter medium.

  • For medical water.   
  • For surlwce preparation, electroplating solution.   
  • For camera developer   
  • To 90! nd 0' the oil and aromatic in liquid.   
  • To gel rid of (he free chlorine and VOC in liquid   
  • To get rid of stink, sediment, organic pigment in    liquid.
  • To get rid of organic chemical compounds in liqiud.

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