Adamant Valves

- Model AV-12 - Sanitary Sight Glasses


Application Simple sight glasses may be just a plastic or glass tube connected to the bottom of the tank at one end and the top of the tank at the other. The level of liquid in the sight glass will be the same as the level of liquid in the tank. Today, however, sophisticated float switches have replaced sight glasses in many such applications. AV-12 series sight glasses are widely used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to view the running states of equipments and systems. Materials Materials: AISI-304 Size: 1''-4'' Tube: Pyrex Seal: EPDM, NBR, PTFE, all complying with FDA 21 CFR177.2600 Design Standard 3 types available: straight sight glasses, lamp sight glasses and cross sight glasses. The straight sight glass can be installed horizontally or vertically, suitable for direct view of the pipeline; Lamp sight glass with union is easily disassembled. It can works under low light and used mostly in tank quipments.

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