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Lime usage within incineration flue gas treatment is a proven technology. Acid gasses such as hydrogen chloride, (HCL), Sulphur dioxide (S02) and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) can be treated with the Addfield Acid Gas Scrubber. These chemical compounds are commonly found in large numbers within the chemical and industrial industries and in smaller quantities in some chlorinated plastics such as PVC among other waste types.

Calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) an alkali, is used to neutralise these acidic gasses. Lime is one of the most abundant and cost effective methods for tackling these chemical compounds. Feed rates are around 2kg/hr depending on the incinerator application.

Lime is fed into the resulting incineration gas stream via a hopper, this material is then steadily injected at a controlled rate, to neutralise the acidic gasses. Spent lime is removed by a secondary filtration system such as ceramic filter or cyclone system. The resulting spent lime is disposed at authorised landfill sites.

Acid scrubbers work most effectively at relatively low temperatures, around or below 410°C. Removal rates for dry scrubbing at these temperatures are approximately 90-99%.

High temperature acid scrubber is possible with removal rates of between 50-60% for sulfur dioxide. This is due to the porous nature of lime and its fast decomposition rates with in a high temperature environment.

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