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- Specialty Impregnated Activated Carbons


Our series of specialty impregnated activated carbons for vapour applications such as acid gases, basic gases, formaldehyde, mercury, and odour control. Included within the AddSorb range are our industry leading grades for personal protection devices.

Some of the common AddSorb grades include:

  • GA Series – very high activity carbons designed for organic vapour (OV) claims for respirators.
  • KC-Plus – catalytic grade designed for hydrogen sulphide removal and regenerable via water washing.
  • MGR Series – specialty impregnated grade designed for multicontaminant removal in respirator devices.
  • Sulfox and Sulfox-HC – specialty products developed with very high hydrogen sulphide capacities for odour control applications.
  • Supercap A – extremely high purity, high capacity carbon for supercapacitor applications
  • VA Series – impregnated carbons designed for acid gas removal
  • VB Series – impregnated carbons designed for alkaline gas removal
  • VF Series – impregnated carbons designed for formaldehyde removal
  • VQ Series – impregnated carbons designed for mercury remova

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