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- High-Performance Motion Controller



The Adept SmartMotion system is a high-performance motion controller that leverages the Adept SmartServo system, Adept's distributed-controls platform built on IEEE 1394. This system also provides fully-integrated, motion control capabilities for industrial robots, third party mechanisms, feeders, servo-controlled conveyors, or other servo and process-control axes.

Adept's advanced motion technology is designed directly for the real-time control of high-speed robotic workcells. Sophisticated motion control features of the SmartMotion™ system can be combined with an integrated graphical user interface, machine vision and conveyor tracking.

A variety of kinematic modules are available that allow simple programming of complex mechanisms including tool offsets and world coordinates. Multiple mechanisms can be coordinated from one controller.

Complete Automation Control Platform: While most motion controllers stop with basic commands, Adept recognizes that real-world automation systems require coordination of motion control with real-time sensory feedback, workcell logic, I/O, and operator control functions.

  • Amplifier drive signal command
    ±10 VDC analog
  • Amplifier drive signal resolution
    16-bit, instrument grade, high linearity
  • Axis interface signals
    Dedicated signals for each axis, optically isolated (5 per axis, 1 per sMI6)
  • Encoder channel frequency
    32 MHz edge rate max
  • Encoder channel type
    Incremental A/B quadrature, index optional
  • Encoder channel voltage
    5VDC, RS-422 line drive, differential or single-ended
  • Encoder power
    User supplied
  • Maximum axes per system
    24 (requires four sMI6 modules)
  • Mechanism parameters
    User-defined axis limits Duty-cycle limits Envelope limits User-defined acceleration profiles allow S-curve or trapezoidal velocity profiles
  • Number of axes of control per module
    sMI6: 6
  • Servo gain parameters
    Proportional gain Proportional pole Proportional zero Integral gain Maximum integrator value Maximum integrator step Velocity feed forward gain Acceleration feed forward gain DAC output filter
  • Servo loop rate
  • Trajectory generation
    Default is 16 ms. User-configurable to 2 ms, 4 ms, 8 ms with optional Enhanced Trajectory Control software license

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