- Oxygen Removal & VOC Recovery System



In crude and condensate truck loading operations, when vapor balance loading is required to reduce emissions, oxygen contamination of the tank vapor space can be a major concern. With the introduction of oxygen into the vapor space, an explosive environment may exist creating a safety concern. If VRUs are used to recover the tank vapors, the oxygen contamination of the vapor may cause O2 levels to exceed allowable limits for pipeline feeds, and producers will not be able to put their gas into the gas pipelines. In recognition of this industry problem, AEREON developed the patent-pending Air Defender unit to treat the vapor produced during truck loading operations, remove the O2 and put virtually O2-free hydrocarbon vapors back into the storage tanks. Using proven carbon-bed based technology that AEREON routinely uses in other applications, both a safety and a production issue is solved.

Since 1995, AEREON's Jordan Technologies has applied engineered vapor recovery systems to marine, rail, truck, and service station loading operations for both domestic and foreign markets.

AEREON's Air Defender Unit (patents pending) is a pre-engineered, customizable package that is ideal for reducing oxygen ingestion into storage tanks from condensate/crude loading facilities, while reducing overall emissions in nonattainment areas where air quality regulations require vapor recovery. The Air Defender consists of a direct driven vacuum pump, carbon beds, and a precision operating system with an intuitive interface to simplify operations. This system operates continuously with very little need for personnel interaction.

  • Complete HMI control of all components & set points
  • Skid mounted system: shipped & installed as 3 major components
  • Small footprint
  • Low power consumption (less than 6HP) Built for Class 1 Division II Areas
  • Designed with 35 years of history behind the product'

  • Up to a 97.8% reduction in Oxygen
  • Up to a 99% reduction in VOC emissions
  • By recovering lost product, a RQI is available in a liquid or vapor form
  • Increases revenue by reducing shut in time due to high oxygen levels
  • Provides confidence to the gas purchaser that oxygen will not be an issue in their sales line
  • Increases safety in the loading area by reducing explosive vapor clouds
  • Reduces exposure of harmful carcinogenic vapors to facility operators and transportation drivers

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