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- Model A0459 - Washroom Air Purifier


Fresh Air Volume: 120 m³/h. Room Size: 10-12 sq.meters. Ammonia gas removal rate: ≥90%. deodorization rate: ≥95%.
Sound Level: ≤46 dB. Sterilizing Rate: ≥95%.Effect: Odor removal, sterilization, PM2.5 filtration, air freshener. Purification Module: 1.HEPA filter; 2.high-energy ionic tube; 3.plasma Catalytic filter; 4.natural balsam. Technologies Applied: High-energy ions Deodorization, Activated Oxygen Ions, Ozone Decomposition, Sterilization, Environmental-friendly Degradation. material: ABS. Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS. N.W.: 4.5 kg. Product Size: 475*210*175mm. Power requirements: 220V/AC  50Hz. Input Power: 20W. Fault indicating: yes.

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