- Model 1260 - Infinity Multi Detector


The 1260 Infinity MDS is an integrated detector suite designed as a simple add-on to any liquid chromatography system allowing all forms of GPC analysis to be performed. A versatile instrument with a range of detector options, the 1260 Infinity MDS is the ultimate tool for polymer analysis. Irrespective of your GPC requirements, the 1260 Infinity MDS can be tailored to meet your needs.

  • If you have an existing LC, simply add the 1260 Infinity MDS with viscometer, light scattering detector or both to your current system, to completely characterize your polymers.
  • If you have a range of different systems running a variety of solvents, the 1260 Infinity MDS is versatile and adaptable, and can be conveniently switched between systems as required.
  • If you only require one detector, then the 1260 Infinity MDS can be configured to provide a standalone viscometer to obtain polymer structure information, or a light scattering detector for absolute molecular weight and branching studies.

For the complete system, simply combine the viscometer and the light scattering detector with the already existing RI detector, for a wealth of information and complete polymer characterization.

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