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- Wetland Application


Increase Plant Survivability— Quality compost is a valuable and versatile soil amendment for today’s horticultural industry. Compost contains three elements absolutely necessary for healthy plant growth: organic matter, nutrients and microbial populations of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Incorporating a compost that contains high levels of microbial life and stable organic matter within the soil profile provides the essential elements required to develop aggressive root systems and healthy plants.

Use Compost as an Environmentally Sustainable Approach— Using seed-free Agresoil Compost is an environmentally sound practice that uses recycled materials while providing exceptional results. The use of peat products and stripped soils depletes limited natural resources causing significant negative environmental impact at the source and therefore is not an environmentally sustainable practice.

Save Clients Money— Agresoil Compost improves vegetative growth and raises organic matter levels in deficient soils more efficiently and economically than other materials. The current supply of topsoil and organic amendments such as peat are diminishing while their price is increasing dramatically. Using Agresoil Compost to amend existing soils or manufacture soils for wetland replacement will save your clients money. A higher survivability rate when plants are first installed will help to avoid the cost of re-planting.

Application Rates—Incorporate 1 to 3 inches into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil (3-9 cuyds/1000 sqft) or blend up to 30% by volume.

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