Western Pneumatics, Inc. (WPI)

Air Assist With Bin Vent



Air-assist systems are designed to improve the throughput of hammermills.  A hammermill grinds up wood, more wood can be ground up by pulling air through the hammermill.  A plenum mounted above a conveyor is located below the hammermill.  Most all material falls into the conveyor, air and some dust are pulled to either a bin vent directly above the plenum or a remote filter. The bin vent uses either bags or cartridges for the filter media. The bin vent pulls air from a conveyor or bin with the help of a fan located on or near the bin vent.  The air from a bin or conveyor can be dusty, the filter media captures the dust and the compressed air cleaning system forces dust to fall back into the conveyor or bin.

A bin vent is a filter without an inlet or cone section. The Western Pneumatics bin vent is used to vent an enclosed conveyor or storage bin when material is being discharged into either enclosure. Material displaces air and that air is pulled from the conveyor or storage bin through a bin vent.

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