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Barcol-Air AG

Model L11 - Air Cooling Sail



High performance per square meter: Our advanced and optimized air cooling ceiling guarantees a gentle and uncritical air introduction, high performance and a visually appealing design. This ensures efficient ventilation and noiseless cooling for all room uses. The air cooling ceiling L11 is suitable both for efficient cooling and for heating rooms of any size.

  • Even and gentle air introduction, draft-free according to DIN, ISO and SIA standards
  • High performance per square meter, thus fewer cooling elements needed
  • High comfort thanks to the large radiation surfaces
  • Combination with water cooled chilled ceilings possible
  • Cooling and heating function
  • Cost and energy efficient
  • Regulation of the room temperature takes place via the supply air volume

  • Office and administration building with individual and open-plan offices
  • Department stores and shops
  • Hospitals, hotel rooms, museums, conference rooms
  • Restaurants, research and development laboratories
  • Fabrication and assembly rooms

The uniform admission of cooling ceiling plates with cold supply air causes a cooled surface whose temperature is insignificantly higher than the supply air temperature. The surface of the ceiling slab is in optimal radiation exchange with the room. The supply air enters the room via the micro perforation and mixes with the room air due to its high induction effect. At a distance of 50 mm from the ceiling surface, the discharge pulse and the under temperature are completely reduced. A draft-free and highly efficient air introduction is guaranteed.

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