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IPS Air Cylinders are frequently used where splash-back or fumes from highly aggressive chemicals are prime considerations. Often used near corrosive chemicals these PVC, Polypropylene and PVDF cylinders are just the right answer for providing strength, durability and reliability in your severe service actuation application.

Our air cylinders are available in strokes from 1 – 18 inches and have standard easy-to-use mounting and optional position sensors. We are also happy to discuss customizing air cylinders to fit your individual needs.

High Quality Plastic Air Cylinder
Our High Purity Plastic Air Cylinders are corrosion resistant, durable and light weight.Please call us to discuss customizing our air cylinders to fit your individual specification.Plastic air cylinders are the logical next step for your harsh process environment.

Fext = P A ext
Fret = P A ret

In these equations, F equals the amount of force exerted by the piston depending on the actuation pressure. The Air Cylinder has a min/max actuation pressure of 20-60 psi. Fext is the variable given for the force extending the piston. Fret is the variable given for the force retracting the piston.

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