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Air Filtration



Thrace Group Nonwovens for air filtration are spunlaid, continuous filament, thermally bonded fabrics made out of 100% polypropylene. They are non-toxic materials with a wide variety of characteristics that can be sewn or welded for filter bags production.

Thrace Group Nonwovens are extensively used as internal and external coverstocks for disposable respirators. Daltex® Lowbond in particular, has a very open fibrous matrix making it an ideal fabric for pre-filter applications.

  1. High tensile and tear strength
  2. Good fiber distribution
  3. Two bonding patterns
  4. Fine denier filament (microfibers) option for improved filtration properties and higher tensile strengths
  5. Hydrophilic, hydrophobic and anti-microbial additives can be incorporated
  6. Extremely low resistance to air flow, even when loaded with dust, thereby maximising air permeability
  7. Width: up to 3.3 m. Also available in jumbo rolls
  8. Weight: between 12 and 150 gr/m2

Vacuum cleaner prefilters, pleated filters, respirator coverstocks, cartridge filters, liquid filters, air filters.

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