Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd

Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd

- Raw Activated Carbon Material


Airdot use only high-quality coconut shell raw material, we assure international high standard quality. Thanks to our expertise and by special process we get a product with extremely large specific area, developed pore structure, high adsorptive properties. Any customized requirement can be met; please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department.

  • Purification of tap water, industrial water, drink, food, odor removal
  • Decoloration, purification, filtration for medicine, food, chemical products, and food additives
  • Contaminant extraction, smell extraction for grease and oil products, gold and mineral recovery
  • Air purification, odor removal, filter cartridges
  • Incineration plants flue gas treatment
  • Poisonous gas, dioxin etc….removal

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