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- Wastewater Storage Bladder



All bladders come with a FREE ground pad. Waste water bladders built by AIRE Industrial are perfect for all water storage situations where large quantities of waste water need to be stored. These water pillow tanks are currently being used by farmers, emergency response units, disaster relief organizations, hazmat clean up enterprises, wild land firefighter support, FEMA-inspired waste water storage, rain water collection systems, oil and mining industries, as well as the maritime (ship board use) and defense industries. AIRE has built thousands of flexible water bladders utilizing industrial grade PVC materials. All bladders with a standard 2 each 2' fill / discharge female NPT flanges and a 3/4' NPT check valve vent.. These collapsible water tanks are ideal for waste water storage and come in a range of capacities from 25 to 30,000 US gallons.

Many westerns states delcare drought disaster! Swimming pool maintenance is being affected, we have economical bladders to allow you to capture the water, perform the maintenance and then put it back in your pool. Simple easy set up and use. Call us for your custom quote now ... Don't let your long hot summer be ruined by an empty swimming pool....

  • PVC fabric for the most rugged of conditions
  • All standard waste bladders are made using 30 oz fabric 
  • All waste bladders come standard with 2 each 2' fill / discharge female NPT flanges
  • Waste wate bladdes come with 3/4' NPT vent
  •  All fitting locations are re-enforced to double thickness for bladder stability 
  •  All seams are 1.25” in width and thermo welded seams
  •  Fitting locations customizable upon request
  •  Geotextile ground pad is included for every bladder tank
  •  Bladder tank material is UV resistant
  •  High puncture resistant fabric
  •  22 to 28 mils min. fabric thickness depending on tank capacity
  •  Low temperature tolerance to -40 F
  •  Ball valves ans camlocks available upon request

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