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- Model GJ HD 340 - Diffusers

Type of sewage: residential. Diffuser body: 1. material: polyamide with 30 % of glass fibre. 2. diameter: 340mm. Fastening on pipe system: 1. external thread R ¾''.2. EPDM connector to be fixed on PVC and PP pipes. Description of diaphragm: 1. EPDM material, 2. thickness: 2,2 mm, . active surface: 600 cm². Bubble size: 2 or 2,4 mm. Working temperature: +5°C to 80°C. Pressure loss: <20-30 hPa for air flow at 8 m³/h. Pressure loss at the end of the lifetime: <65 hPa for air flow at 8 m³/h. Guarantee of oxygen transfer in clean water: 18gO2/(m³N x depth in m.). Recommended air flow: 6-12 m³N/h. Min. air flow: 2 m³N/h, or completely switched off. Max. air flow: momentary up to 16 m³/h (10min). Lifetime: Till 8 years in residental sewage treatment plants, depending on sewage constitution and terms of operation. Notice: 1. diaphragm replacement option. 2. diffuser can be made as a special version for industrial waste.

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