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- Model 4 - Semiautomatic Motor Pump Control Unit



Motor pump units that drive many hose reel irrigators. Vertical pumps - Diesel engines for general purposes. The engine decelerates before stopping. ConAutomatically monitors water pressure through a transducer

Manual controls:

  • Start - acceleration - deceleration and stop.
  • ALPHA 4 stops the unit after any motor fault and in case of faulty water pressure.

Special function:
Automatically monitors water pressure through a transducer and stores the reading.
ALPHA 4 decelerates to previous pressure reading when the first hose reel irrigator reaches the end of its travel and stops, thanks to a flow switch, when the second hose reel irrigator completes the irrigation cycle.

Automatic Stop via:

  • Internal programming - Motor alarms - Pressure fault.

Motor alarms:

  • Low oil pressure - Alternator - High temp. - Low Fuel - Low water lev. in radiator - Overspeed.
  • Auxiliary alarm (e.g.: Lake level float)

Pressure alarms:

  • High pressure - Pressure out of range.


  • Irrigation time - Water pressure allowed range.

Remote control:

  • Option: GSM data transmission modem for remote control via mobile phone or Personal Computer.


  • actuator 10
  • GPS satellite system

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