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Aluminum dross, or aluminum ash is the mixture of metallic aluminum and non-metal part mostly aluminum oxide. Dross is formed on the surface of molten aluminum or its alloys by oxidation. It is a valuable byproduct of any aluminum smelter or aluminum foundry, which is recycled to recover the valuable aluminum metal worldwide. The recoverable metal content varies from 10% to 70%. Typical dross generation from a primary operation can be from 0.8% to 1.3% of aluminum output. From the secondary smelters it can reach up to 10%. Primary dross is called white dross, while secondary dross is called black dross.

Before going back to the furnace, aluminum dross has to be pressed into briquettes to increase the specific gravity, so as to break the surface of smelter. As aluminum ash briquettes contain Al2O3, which is easy to form calcium aluminate with CaO. So they are used for molten steel desulfurization, purification, deoxygenation.

Aluminum dross briquette machine is roller press type. Also, we could equip screw feeder and hydraulic system to improve the performance to your request.

As aluminum ash could react with water and give a bad smelling gas -- NH3, ammonia, no liquid binder is allowed. 
Binderless briquetting technology is required. Know more about dry powder briquetting machine.

  • Ore: iron ore fines, chrome ore fines, chromite ore fines, laterite ore fines, manganese ore fines, nickel ore fines, magnesite
  • Fuel: charcoal powder, coal fines, carbon black, petroleum coke, coke
  • Mineral: quick lime, burnt lime, gypsum, fluorite, fluorspar, iron concentrate, clay
  • By-products in metallurgy: refractory materials, silicon carbide, aluminum dross, residues
  • By-products in steel making: sponge iron, mill scale, iron dust, flue dust, steel sludge, fly ash, sintering fines

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