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The gear drives Amarillo Gear Company produces for dry cooling systems and steam condensers reflect a long history of quality workmanship and reliability. Amarillo Gear has been designing and manufacturing right angle drives since 1934, and the commitment to excellence continues today. One example of this commitment is the availability of complete noise and vibration testing, with all data taken under full horsepower loading up to 500 hp.

Amarillo Gear drives also are made available for, and are commonly used with, many other applications. The basic design and inherent ruggedness of Amarillo Gear drives is adaptable to many types of vertical machines such as agitators, mixers, dryers and separators.

Design features and ratings are in accordance with, or exceed, the minimum requirements of AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) and CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) standards.

  • Housing and Castings
    Casings are rigidly designed, using finite element analysis, and constructed to absorb internal and external loads with minimum deflection. Doweled gear case and cover assures permanent alignment of bearings and gears under load. The sloped floor of the gear case adds rigidity and permits complete drainage of oil- All casting materials are gray iron for effective damping of noise and vibration. All mating castings are sealed using 'form-in-place' gasket material which eliminates 'weeping' associated with fiber-type gaskets. Each model has mounting provisions for easy installation of three accelerometers for vibration monitoring of each shaft. Mounting feet are pre-drilled with pilot holes to assist in installation of dowel pins.
  • Helical Gears
    Helical gears are designed specifically for fan drive service and are precision machined from nickel alloy steel, case hardened and
    precision ground to provide low-noise, low vibration operation.
  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet operation of the parallel shaft gear drive is achieved through careful design and controlled manufacturing methods of components. Our engineers understand all of the many parameters that effect gear noise and have applied the latest research to the design of the parallel shaft gear drive. Precision machined, ground gear teeth are crowned with the ideal amount of tip and root relief to ensure quiet operation. Rigid shafts and rigid, permanently aligned, housings guarantee precise alignment of gears under load. Test results collected in our state-of-the-art test facility prove that our sound levels are the lowest available in the industry.
  • Bearings
    All bearings are roller type, provided by major manufacturers. The fan shaft thrust bearing is designed to carry all loads imposed by the fan while maintaining 100,000 hours L10. All bearings are sized to meet or exceed the minimum life requirements of AGMA and CTI.
  • Shafting
    Alloy steel output shafts are sized to provide a rugged spindle for the fan. Surfaces for gears, bearings, input coupling and fan hub are precision ground.
  • Shaft Seals
    The input shaft opening has dual spring-loaded, double-lipped type seals to keep outside contamination from entering the gearbox. The fan shaft is sealed using dry well construction with isolation protection using a lip seal. Amarillo Gear Company was an early pioneer in the use and perfection of this unique sealing arrangement which provides maximum protection against vertical shaft leakage.
  • Non-reverse Backstop
    Reverse rotation of the fan is prevented by adding our proprietary pin and ratchet non-reverse backstop to the fan drive. This reliable, no-maintenance, backstop has been successfully used on Amarillo Gear products for over 60 years. This external device can be ordered on new fan drives or installed easily on existing fan drives in the field.
  • Lubrication
    A positive displacement oil pump, driven by the input shaft, provides adequate lubrication in either direction or at any speed. The oil pump is protected between the front mounting feet to prevent accidental damage during handling. All plumbing is internal to the gear case, eliminating the risk of external oil leaks and handling damage. The grease line for the thrust bearing is internal to the gear case with an easily accessible grease fitting located on top of the gear drive.   A dip stick and permanently mounted oil level sight gauge is provided on all units to provide direct visual determination of oil level.
  • Service Openings
    Large inspection plate facilitates periodic inspections. Ports for oil fill, oil drain and venting are tapped and located for installation of remote service piping when desired.
  • Optional Features
    Special shaft extensions, back stop (anti-windmilling), lubricating oil heaters, oil temperature gauges, oil level switch and other accessory items are available on special order.

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