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- Ambient Air Preparation Unit



LAR's ambient air preparation unit is an independent solution to process ambient air into suitable carrier gas for our QuickTOCultra and QuickTOCpurity analyzers - without the need of compressed respectively instrumental air.

The ambient air preparation unit is used when there is no air pressure system at the application site. The unit processes ambient air and absorbs carbon compounds as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) to make it applicable as carrier gas. As a result the compressed air serves as a constant baseline for the measurements of the analyzers.

LAR's ambient air preparation unit is optimized for the use in combination with our optionally and separately available CO2-Remover.

  • The compressor inside of the unit pushes the ambient air and leads it through a water separator and a filter unit for compressed air.
  • While compressing, the water separator discharges the condensate.
  • Afterwards the air is lead through the filter cartridges, which are mounted at the outside of the units' housing. These cartridges contain activated carbon and soda lime pellets to absorb the carbon compounds and carbon dioxide.
  • The ambient air preparation unit is able to build up a pressure of 2-3 bar. Therefore, a pressure regulator for exact adjustment of the generating pre pressure is inside the unit.

  • Reducing material consumption of the analyzer and therefore reducing the operating costs
  • Closable Housing is functioning as a container for reagents
  • Install underneath or at the wall near the analyzer

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