Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC)

- Model 1220 Series - Sensor Module



A part of Armstrong Monitoring’s extensive line of sensing equipment since 1998, the AMC-1220 series simplifies a monitoring requirement for a large number of sensors. Achieving unfailing detection reliability while daisy-chaining a mixture of up to 8 sensor of a variety of types to a single AMC-1AD zone, the AMC-1220 series provides a sound, economical solution to your combustible and toxic gas detection needs.

For gas monitoring applications requiring a large number of sensors, installation costs represent a significant share of total project expenses. In an effort to lower these costs, AMC developed the AMC-1220 Series multi drop gas sensor module.

Compatible with the AMC 1AD1/D2 Series, as well as the AMC-1400 and 1800, sensors are wired in series utilizing low power, three wire cabling. Dual wiring inputs on some models, combined with multi zone capabilities, permit a nearly unlimited range of configurations, thereby minimizing both installation time and materials.

Up to eight AMC-1220s of different sensor types can be connected to a single zone with a maximum of 150ft between sensors and panel. Power supplies can be upgraded allowing more sensors per zone making the AMC-1220 Series an economical solution to your gas monitoring needs.

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