- Recyclable, Innovative Metal-free High Barrier Packaging


AmLite Standard Recyclable is a unique line of metal-free high barrier packaging that is recyclable in markets where recycling streams exist. AmLite allows you to create an attractive package design while keeping your product fresh. It utilises Amcor’s extensive experience in high barrier coating and conversion to create a lightweight material that offers excellent product protection and improves packaging’s environmental profile.


  • Recyclable solution
  • Amcor Barrier Coating tailored to customer's needs
  • PE & PP film are special and tailored Amcor high performance grades
  • Special print features and inks
  • Delivered in reels or pre-made pouches/liddings
  • Opaque or transparent material options

Customer benefits

  • More Sustainable - Up to 57% reduced carbon footprint *
  • Robust Barrier - Transparent film option with high barrier protection keeping or extending shelf-life
  • Product Protection - Allows metal detector use after sealing
  • Versatility - Option to standardise barrier and sealant across multiple product lines
  • *Comparison based on laminate PET12 / PETmet12 / PE55 100% incineration OPP20 / OPP AmLite 20 / PE 55 100% Recycling - Cradle to grave comparison

End consumer benefits

  • Sustainability - Recyclable solution and carbon footprint reduction
  • Product Appeal - Brighter colours and optional windows
  • Robust Barrier - High barrier for full aroma and flavour
  • Brand Positioning / Differentiation - Opaque or transparent option for better product appeal


  • PE
  • PP
  • OPP

Regions available

  • Global

Free of material

  • Aluminium-free
  • Metal-free

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